October 26, 2011

Finally Joining the World of Blogging :)

Alright everyone, bear with me because I'm just starting to get into this whole blogging craze! I'm completely new to this so there may be some bumps along the way and it may take me a while to get the hang of it completely. :)

I am mainly starting this blog because I recently started getting back into my makeup obsession and I want to keep myself motivated. I hope this will serve as a reminder to myself to never give up on the things I am passionate about!

I am also looking forward to sharing my reviews on products/companies (mostly beauty related) with anyone who may stumble upon my blog, or with any followers I may gain over time. My hopes are that you will find them helpful when considering which items to purchase or which companies to buy from. I definitely understand and can relate to wanting to save as much money as possible without having to sacrifice quality - so you may see me post a lot about good sales or good deals that I think are worthwhile. From time to time I may also post some of my photography (one of my hobbies), and other than all of that I'm a big animal lover so you may see or hear some pet related posts (I have 3 kitties and a bunny!).