August 6, 2012

Recent Haul and Swatches: Madd Style Cosmetics

I'm back.. again! &with even more Madd Style Cosmetics to show you :)
The lovely owner of Madd Style Cosmetics (Mo Love <3) had a little birthday celebration a couple weeks ago in which she decided what better way to celebrate than with a MSC sale!? Everything in the shop was an automatic 15% off, free shipping was offered for orders over $25, and each order included a surprise sample of a yet to be released blush from her new Cheek Chic line! In celebration of her birthday, she also created a new (limited) birthday collection (more on this a little later)..

Still have yet to drop by the MSC Facebook page? I'll make it simple for you - click here, and don't forget to "like" the page so you don't miss out on future discounts and upcoming collections! And if really don't want to miss those upcoming sales and collections.. MSC just launched a Facebook group you should seriously consider joining! You can find out more about the group here, don't be shy :)

Now, on to my awesome haul.. since I know you've been dying to see what I ended up with (right!?) ;)

This is (left to right, top to bottom): a very generous sample of the new blush "Rebel Lollipop", the "Drink Me" glitter that comes with the Psychedelic Wonderland collection, the Psychedelic Wonderland collection, Frankencake lip balm (with mango butter base!!), the new Happy Birfday collection, and my 5/20 picks! 
(not to worry! all of these items will be shown in greater detail -- keep reading!)

I figured it would be easiest to split this up by collection - so, first, I'll show you swatches of the Psychedelic Wonderland collection, the Happy Birfday collection, and then my 5/20 picks (accompanied by the blush sample and a close up on the lovely sparklies in Frankencake!) As you may have already imagined, this post will be rather picture heavy :)
As usual - all swatches are done over NYX JEP in Milk (unless otherwise noted), eyeshadows are "patted" on over the base, photographs are taken in natural lighting on my windowsill and there has been no editing to the images other than cropping/collaging them! I will post the description of each product below (as taken from the website) as well as a link to the product (*) if it is currently available :)

This is one of two collections inspired by Alice in Wonderland, created earlier this year in celebration of MSC turning 2! Took me a little while, but finally got my hands on it ..hopefully the Twisted Wonderland collection is in my near future, too ;)
(Also - I should probably note that, at this time, the colors are not available to purchase individually - but as a whole collection only. Click here for the listing*)

(a vibrant tangerine)

(a pink icing color with blasts of hot pink and gold sparkle)

(a shimmery bright yellow)

(a bright kelly green with green glitter)

(an opaque white with LOTS of holographic sparkle)

(holographic glitter)
swatch of glitter was applied over pixie epoxy, 
also please note that the glitter is only available with this collection while supplies last :)

This collection was released two weeks ago in celebration of Mo Love's birthday! Each color name represents a little something about the woman behind Madd Style Cosmetics :)
(As with the previous collection - the colors are not available individually, but as a whole collection only at this time. Click to view the listing*)

(a gorgeous pearl black)

(a pearly/satin blue)

(a metallic lilac purple)

(a metallic/pearl seafoam green)

(is a grey-tinted yellow with rainbow shimmer)

Here are my choices for the pick 5/$20 option :) Since I have previously swatched Hallucinogenic Lipstick (received as a deluxe sample with my grab bag purchase) in my last post, I urge you to go check it out here as I decided it would be silly to swatch it again ;) It is absolutely gorgeous and you won't want to miss it!
(Currently Hallucinogenic Lipstick &Weeping Angel have not yet been added to the shop - BUT they are available to purchase and you can list them as options in a 5/$20 like I did!)

(a beautiful shimmery pink with coral undertones)*

(purple toned dark grey)
the swatch pictured on the right is intentionally out of focus and at an extreme angle in an attempt to showcase the beautiful purple tones this unique color has!

(a beautiful light blue with a slight red sheen and red/pink/silver sparkle)*
I cannot even put into words how beautiful this color is! I had a difficult time trying to accurately capture the red sheen/pink sparkles which you may slightly notice in the swatch on the right - however, don't let this fool you, it is much more breathtaking in person ;)

In an attempt to show you exactly what I mean.. I snapped this photograph of Soul Dust in the lid, which will also give you an idea of how much more apparent the red/pink would be over a black base:
stunning, right!? <3

(a light green with a satin finish)*

Last but not least, I wanted to show off "Rebel Lollipop" & Frankencake! Rebel Lollipop is not currently available for purchase, but is part of the new Cheek Chic line and should be popping up in the shop soon :) From my understanding Frankencake has been a long time favorite and occasionally makes appearances (though he tends to sell very quickly!) so keep your eyes on the Facebook fan page and the shop for announcements<3

Swatch on the left is over NYX JEP in Milk, right is on bare skin swatched lightly. It was noted that Rebel Lollipop and Cha-Cha Glow Bronze are eye safe as well - so I wanted to show how Rebel Lollipop might look when used as an eyeshadow, and of course as a blush! Note that if you plan to use Rebel Lollipop as an eyeshadow, it is meant to be sheer and you will have to apply more to achieve a more opaque color like you see on the left.

(scented like buttercream cupcake, has pink and blue micro glitter, is sweet on the kisser, and really packs a punch when it comes to the glossy shimmer.)
No lies, this lippie seriously makes me want to eat some cupcakes and has some serious shimmer - I'm  in love! 
You might be able to see the sparkles better by clicking to enlarge the photo. :)

Well.. that sums up my "little" MSC haul for now :) Rest assure, I'll be back with more at another time! xo

FTC: These items were paid for by myself/by my boyfriend. I am not being compensated to write this post, these are my honest opinions on the products and company. Descriptions of each eyeshadow/lippie/blush (underneath swatch photos) were copied directly from the listing of the product. All photos were taken by me in natural lighting, are unaltered aside from cropping/collaging!