November 19, 2012

Madd Style Cosmetics Haul & Swatches!

Madd Style Cosmetics recently had an awesome sale to celebrate Halloween (and you all know I had to pick up a 'few' things ;)) So, now I'm celebrating the arrival of my order with some swatches! <3

Pictured: Oops, D'oh, Derp (oopsie colors) - All that Glitters, Spanish Fly lip bomb - Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, I think you call me... Sexy, Pandorica (Dr Who inspired mattes) - and last but not least... You've got red on you, The Winchester, Record Toss, The Zed Word (Shaun of the Dead inspired collection). Sample is the Dr Who inspired matte 'Book Of Spoilers'

As I was saying.. Just a few things, yeah? ;)

Before we get started.. all swatches were done over NYX JEP in 'Milk'. All are photographed in natural lighting outdoors. Descriptions of each color are taken from the original listing of each product, and the asterisk following the description will contain a link that will take you directly to the shop listing for that color. :)

First up, the three colors I like to call the 'oopsie colors' - these are basically what Mo referred to as "factory blems" and they did not quite make it to the permanent line. They are limited, and once they're gone.. they're gone. Hustle! These are by far the most gorgeous 'oopsie colors' I've ever seen <3

(OOPS! is a shimmery light coral color, perfect for every skin tone!)*
Shield your eyes! My camera really intensified the coral tones ;) I think this is probably my favorite of the oopsies!

(D'Oh is a red berry color with silver flecks of glitter.)*

(DERP is a plum brown color with a frost finish.)*
Okay, okay.. I take it back! Maybe this one is my favorite. hehe

Next up.. Doctor Who inspired mattes, anyone? I don't think it gets any better!

(WIBBLY-WOBBLY, TIMEY-WIMEY is a matte purple.)*
This is such a stunning deep purple!

(I THINK YOU CALL ME... SEXY is a matte lavender pink.)*

(PANDORICA is a deep teal.)*

One of the Halloween collections that Mo released this year is a Shaun of the Dead inspired collection containing four colors (there is also another Halloween collection this year - 'Alice in Zombieland' which I have yet to purchase. I will have to pick that one up soon!). Please keep in mind that this is a collection, and these colors are not sold individually.

(YOU'VE GOT RED ON YOU: A darkened, blood red with LOTS of red glitter.)*

(THE WINCHESTER: a plummy brown with a hot pink shift and a blingin' amount of hot pink and gold shifting sparkle.)*

(RECORD TOSS: A metallic lilac purple with a chrome shine.)*

(THE ZED WORD: a flesh toned neutral with a pink tint and lots of rainbow shimmer.)*
Gah! I cannot even put into words how much I love this color<3

Last but not least, I picked up 'All that Glitters' which was the C.O.W. at the time of my purchase. &I received the Dr Who inspired matte 'Book Of Spoilers' as the sample included with my order. :)

(ALL THAT GLITTERS is a layered blend of sliver and gold with lots of glitz! Definitely one of a kind!)*

(BOOK OF SPOILERS is a matte deep sky blue.)*

FTC: These items were paid for by myself/by my boyfriend. I am not being compensated to write this post, these are my honest opinions on the products and company. Descriptions of each eyeshadow (underneath swatch photos) were copied directly from the listing of the product. All photos were taken by me in natural lighting, are unaltered aside from cropping/collaging! I AM a model for Madd Style Cosmetics at this time, but it does not change my opinions on the products themselves or the company<3


  1. I LOVE me some Crystal swatches!! SERIOUSLY!!! Can't wait to see the next batch!!

  2. All That Glitters is one of my ALL TIME favorite "single color look" colors. It has so much dimension and texture on it's on. Love. Also, your swatches look fantastic my dear. Hurrah!