March 14, 2013

Ipsy: March Glam Bag

A hot pink bubble mailer showed up in my mailbox yesterday...! The "Great Escape" themed Ipsy bag for March! :)

Glam RX - Mini Freestyle Palette
Yaby - eyeshadow refill in 'Seashell'
Yaby - eyeshadow refill in 'Azalea Petal'
LA Fresh - Travel-Lite Makeup Remover 8ct
Juice Beauty - Hydrating Mist

Lets just dive right in!

Glam RX - Mini Freestyle Palette
From my understanding this mini freestyle palette was made exclusively for our glam bags this month. They are normally sold as a touch up palette (with a top compartment containing: shine eraser, eyeliner, concealer, and lip balm). The touch up palette can be purchased here and retails for $16.50.
Other than that - this cute little magnetic palette is about the same as their touch up palette. It is the size of a credit card (just thicker) and opens up like a book. A magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close, and it also has a nice little mirror on the inside of the cover. :)
The top left photo shows the cover, while the photo on the right shows what it looks like when open (and empty!). The photo on the bottom left will hopefully give you a better idea of how tiny this palette is - pictured inside the palette are my two yaby eyeshadows (15.5mm pan size) next to my Mirabella eyeshadow from a previous glam bag (26mm pan size). Click to enlarge the photo. :)

Yaby - eyeshadow refills in 'Azalea Petal' & 'Seashell'
Yaby eyeshadow refills retail for $3.15 and can be purchased here. However, since Yaby is a Canadian based company you may want to check out the selection carried by Camera Ready Cosmetics here. ;)
My favorite part about this company is that they are vegan friendly and cruelty-free. I also found the eyeshadows to be quite pigmented and easy to work with. The colors I received would not have been my first choice but they are quite lovely all the same :) Browsing their website, the first thing that caught my eye was packaging. Almost all of their products are sold as refills! This not only keeps the cost down, but makes everything less bulky and easier to store and use on the go. Not to mention if you were to ever hit pan on a product - you can easily clean and reuse for mixing. ;)
The top left photo shows the convenient labeling on the bottom of the eyeshadows as well as the clam shell container they arrived in which kept them nice and safe. Bottom left is a size comparison between a MAC eyeshadow refill (26mm) and the Yaby eyeshadow refill (15.5mm). The Yaby refill pans are slightly taller (but smaller) whereas the MAC pans are shorter and wider - if that makes sense? ha ha
Top right is a close-up of Azalea Petal and Seashell, and bottom right is the swatch I did over NYX JEP in 'Milk'!

LA Fresh - Travel-Lite Makeup Remover Wipes (8ct)
LA Fresh travel friendly makeup wipes typically retail for $1.99 each and can be purchased from their website here. I love that these come in a resealable package.. and, well, let's face it - this little 8ct package is 100 X better than the single use packet I received in a previous Birchbox! ha ha
Looking forward to trying these out and I love that they carry a variety of products - from nail polish remover wipes, antibacterial wipes, shoe shine wipes, etc.. they basically have it all covered! Impressive!

Juice Beauty - Hydrating Mist
We received a deluxe sized sample (1 fl oz/30ml). A full size (6.75 fl oz/200ml) retails for $22 and can be purchased here. (1/6.75 * 22 = $3.26)
Pretty excited to try out another Juice Beauty product! Though I have to say.. I'm not quite sure how I feel about a toner in spray form just yet ;) I'm not at all bothered by the scent and actually find it to be refreshing, light, and more 'natural' rather than perfume-y! Whew!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the bag this month &I'm enjoying all of the products we received. There was a different eyeshadow variation ('So Vein' & 'Sand Dune') that was sent out as well - I honestly wish I had received that combo instead. But, I love the colors I received regardless - heck, I love all the colors! I'm not hard to please and I totally hoard them all..! (... it's my weakness.. gotta catch 'em all..)...errr, I mean.. anyway!

I've seen others mention it and I think that this bag is lacking in comparison to previous months.. Everything seems so much smaller than usual? Not as many samples? I can't quite put my finger on it.. But I hope it won't be a reoccurring theme. I have a hard time complaining because quite frankly all of these products are multi-use and at least we aren't getting foil packets. I seriously am not missing foil packets at all..

The bag itself has the most amazing print and I adore it nonetheless, but the material used is really thin and.. cheap feeling? I can't even describe it! I'm just hoping I can make it last a while. Nautical designs get me every time. <3

(in case you couldn't see it very well up there)

Updated to add my 'look' using the eyeshadow colors I received! :)

This is Seashell (inner corner/highlight) & Azalea Petal (on the lid). 
I used my Stila smudge stick in 'Oscar Fish' for my liner, 
& Stila kajal eye liner in 'Pearl' on my waterline. 
Mascara is theBalm What's Your Type? "the body builder" :)

Thanks everyone! <3 <3

FTC: This subscription is paid for by myself/by my boyfriend. I am not being compensated to write this post, these are my honest opinions on the products and company. All photos of products and swatches were taken by me in natural lighting, and are unaltered aside from cropping/collaging!

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