January 30, 2013

Madd Style Cosmetics: Sheer Sparkle Tutorial

I was playing around with some of my newest MSC additions and actually liked how this turned out! It looks so much more shimmery in person, and 'Fade Away' has such a beautiful blue-purple iridescence that was seemingly impossible for me to photograph. Even though the weather hasn't been on my side (at least for photographing makeup, anyway) I hope you will still enjoy this look I put together. <3

Here are the products I used to achieve this look:

Top left: Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity Eye Shadow Base in 'Milky Way' 
& Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer
Middle left: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in 'Zero'
theBalm 'What's Your Type?" mascara in 'the body builder'
Bottom left: bdellium tools green bambu brushes #777 & #781
Top &bottom right: MSC eyeshadow pigments in: 
Birf'day Suit, Frankenberry, The Zed Word, &Fade Away

Apply your eye shadow primer and eye shadow base :) I focus my base on the lid, but lightly bring it all the way up to the brow.

Next, using a shadow brush, apply 'Frankenberry' to the inner-most part of your lid. Use a lighter touch as you get closer to the center of the lid.

Still using your shadow brush (I continue to use the same shadow brush - I keep a paper towel handy &wipe my brush off between switching colors) apply 'The Zed Word' to the rest of your lid. Focus 'The Zed Word' more on the center of your lid, lighten your application toward the outer corner. You may want to overlap 'Frankenberry' a bit to help them blend a little better.

Next up is 'Fade Away' :) Apply using a shadow brush (or whichever brush works best for you!) to the outer corner of your lid, working slightly into the crease &blending with 'The Zed Word'

I then went ahead a blended my colors together a bit more and applied 'Birf'day Suit' above my crease, using my fluffy crease brush, to blend them out.

Apply your favorite eyeliner &mascara and you're all set! :)
(Since these shades are particularly sparkly.. I know, hard to tell in the photos :(... you may need to clean up some fall out! I usually just grab a q-tip and lightly dip it into a liquid makeup remover to clean up any mistakes!)

Thanks for viewing! <3


  1. Love your blog! Your layout and background is gorgeous too!
    Love Naomi -

  2. Your eyes look stunning here! Thanks for sharing!