April 29, 2013

Madd Style Cosmetics: O'Malley Inspired Tutorial

Okay, so.. you're probably sitting there wondering what an/who the heck O'Malley is, yeah? :) O'Malley is one of our 'rescue' babies who adopted us on September 27th, 2009! He's going to be four years old next month, so as far as I'm concerned.. he's still our baby. hehe

You may have noticed I haven't gotten around to blogging much recently.. Definitely nowhere near as much as I would like to. But, the past couple of months have been pretty rough for us. We noticed that O'Malley was starting to look a little scruffy and didn't seem to have any interest in keeping his beautiful coat clean. We started thinking 'Okay, it's definitely time he take a trip to the groomers' - but little did we realize, this wasn't the worst of his problems.
We took him to get a rabies vaccine (required before taking your cat to a groomer) and they did a quick overall 'health exam' and determined something was wrong with his teeth/gums. Well.. actually, they went way overboard with their 'analysis' by suggesting he HAD to have had either FIV/FeLV (feline immunodeficiency virus/feline leukemia virus) and that he needed ALL of his teeth pulled.. that it would be better to just put him down. I over-stressed myself out, my little heart was in pieces, and I just couldn't bring myself to function properly!
First, we had to take him in to get him tested for FIV/FeLV. That was a tough waiting game, but he came back negative for both! We were so relieved and so happy - but unfortunately, he wasn't entirely out of the woods just yet. He still needed some dental work done and so between all of the antibiotics and shots, we decided it would be best to get him properly groomed as well. He had some matting in his fur and we thought a fresh start was best - and being such a long haired kitty, we thought this would help him in the cleaning department as well (he was experiencing a lot of pain eating/yawning/cleaning himself/etc. due to his gums and teeth).
We had to drop him off to have four teeth extracted and the rest of his teeth cleaned a little over a week ago, and he has been such a trooper about all of it. We've just finished giving him the last of his antibiotics (which, let me tell you, was a whole other nightmare..) and he seems to be doing very well!

Here is a picture of O'Malley so you can see where my color inspiration stemmed from with this:
(This is definitely an older photo, as O'Malley was recently shaved as mentioned above. 
His coat is just starting to grow out and I can't wait for it to be this beautiful again!)

I apologize for the long story (it's definitely the short version, though!) and I hope that you'll still enjoy this tutorial I put together :)

Products I used for this look:
Left: Stila kajal eye liner in 'Pearl', Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in 'Whiskey',
Tick:Tock Infinity Eye Shadow Base in 'Milky Way', theBalm What's Your Type? mascara in "the body builder", and Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer.
Top &middle right: Madd Style Cosmetics eyeshadow pigments in: Andraste's Grace, Birf'day Suit, Moth, Cocoa Puff, & FRESH POTS!
Bottom right: bdellium tools green bambu brushes #781, #777, #716, and #760

As always, start off by priming your lid and applying your eyeshadow base. :)

I quickly realized.. I don't have a matte white! I decided to use 'Moth' as it appears to be the least shimmery of the whites that I do own. :)
I applied 'Moth' all over the lid using my eyeshadow brush, but used a lighter hand/application toward the outer corner of the lid. If you are using a relatively sheer or shimmery white, you may need to build up your color a bit before moving on.

Still using my eyeshadow brush, I very very very lightly applied 'Cocoa Puff' - since I have an irrational 'fear' of over-doing darker colors, it takes me forever. :P
I always have the whole 'it's easier to add more than it is to take away' theory in mind when doing this. I seriously apply the tinniest amount and build up little by little until I'm happy with the color/shape.

I then applied more of 'Cocoa Puff' and brought it up a bit higher and started working 'Cocoa Puff' very lightly into my crease!

Using my liner brush I took a tiny bit of 'Fresh Pots' and, little by little, drew a line from the outer part of my lower lash line up to the very outer corner of my lid. I then started blending 'Fresh Pots' into 'Cocoa Puff' a bit more in the outer corner and made my corner a bit sharper.

I then added white eyeliner to  my waterline...

...since I didn't have a bright blue eyeliner pencil, I used the beautiful 'Andraste's Grace' over my white eyeliner instead! :) I also added some 'Birf'day Suit' under the brow to clean up/blend a bit more.

Last but not least - apply your liner and mascara! I also finished this off by adding a bit more of 'Moth' to the inner corner. If you find you have a lot of shimmery fallout, carefully take a q-tip with a bit of makeup remover on it and gently sweep it over any areas you want to 'clean up'. :)

Thanks so much for reading/viewing! <3


  1. Love it girl!! So glad O'Malley is doing better! <3 <3 <3

  2. I looooove this! You should try doing a black smoky eye to get that dark-scaredness out of you! :)

    1. I will definitely give it a shot - I need maaajor practice! ;)

  3. I LOVE THIS! and that is a puuuurdy cat! What a cutey-pie <3