June 19, 2012

There's Something Magical About Fyrinnae... Pt. 2!

So, I realize I haven't blogged in months (crap!)... But I hope this will make it up to you ladies (and gents?) <3 <3

I recently placed another order with Fyrinnae (this was end of last month - I want to say on 5/28, which I then received on 6/4). &It really is no surprise that everything came beautifully packaged, as usual. So - I will cut to the chase here and keep the pictures minimal in that aspect :)


&This is pretty much how I summed it up:


In this order, I received "Bifrost" as a sample - I couldn't be happier since I was going back and forth trying to decide whether or not I should add it to my order ;)  The colors I chose were primarily newer colors recently added to the shop (with the exception of Cuddlefish - which was purchased in my last order. I also added in Orangutan and Damn Paladins to get more of a "neutral" variety.) *I do realize there are a few colors that have been added to the shop since this purchase - I fully expect to get my little hands on them soon!*

**I will say that I did not quite make it through all of the swatches yet.. And, as you may recall I promised some swatches of the Arcane Magic eyeshadows that I have - Stay tuned! I wanted to get these up for now and I will continue to update this post until I squeeze them all in here! :)

As of right now, here are the swatches I did manage to get done today! As usual, these were only done over NYX JEP in Milk, I photographed them in the sunlight on my windowsill, and the photos were not altered (aside from cropping/collaging them). Some photos may appear out of focus - I did this intentionally so that you can see the glitz/sparkle! Underneath each collage I am posting the description taken directly from the Fyrinnae website which will be followed by an *, which you can click through to the current listing of each eyeshadow.

(It's back! Reformulated in 4-2012 but very close to the original. Vivid shimmery royal purple. Almost two-toned because it has a blue base, yet the shimmer has a warmer hue.)*

(Bright, shimmering mauve-pink graced with a touch of blue sparkle. Looks slightly more pink over a regular primer, slightly more cool lavender over a sticky base. Named for all you gorgeous beauty bloggers.)*

(Bright complex coral with a slight golden (pun not intended) shimmer finish. Leans more orange than pink, but that varies depending on application.)*

( ;) This shade is a bright shimmery warm red filled with multi-color sparkle, much like Immortality and Shenanigans.)*

(A rainbow of sparkle fills rich, metallic gold over a dark base.)*
This shade is SO gorgeous and unique, I decided to try something a little different with my swatch to show it from two different angles as to capture it more accurately!

(This shade is a pale soft copper (or dusky peach). With a slight satiny finish, it's an ideal highlight or all-over wash colour for many skintones.)*
This shade did appear lighter from other angles!

(Soft, satiny taupe with a gentle light blue highlight.)*

&Last but not least (for now) - here they are, all together in natural sunlight. Ignore the white - it is actually just the base (NYX JEP in Milk) because I did not get to finish swatching today ;)

From top to bottom, left to right: 
Parental Advisory, Blogger Beauty, Picture It: Sicily, *You're
Shenanigans, Orangutan, & Damn Paladins

06/20/2012 Update: I was able to get a few more swatches done today! These are the last of the swatches from my last order, and I will be working on the Arcane Magic eyeshadows this week. Enjoy :)

(Deep shimmery blue, slightly subdued and lighter than navy, enhanced with lime green sparkle.)*

(Vibrant Kelly/emerald green on black (appears navy in the jar). Great over regular primer, but over a sticky base it's a gleaming jeweltone metallic green.)*
This was a difficult one to photograph! 
My swatch does NOT do this color justice! The description of this color is more accurate - 
I imagine if I had put this over pixie epoxy the green would have been much more vibrant!

(Deep, vibrant, shimmering turquoise, enhanced with a touch of silver sparkle.)*

(Brilliant lime green. Vibrant green and gold shimmer top a lush green base. More green than "Omgwtf" and less flat. Very close to our old Danse Macabre.)*

This beautiful color is actually not currently listed in the shop, does anyone happen to know where it disappeared to? :(

(Brilliant yellow, filled with coordinating yellow sparkle and a touch of contrasting pale blue and green sparkle.)*

06/25/2012 Update: Finally had a chance to finish up swatches! So, as promised (a long, long, long, long time ago.. :X) here are the Arcane Magic eyeshadow swatches - I did my best to accurately capture the color shifts on each of these. This time around I DID use a small amount of Pixie Epoxy over NYX JEP (Milk) to give the shimmer more to adhere to.

(This is an antiqued deep copper on black, with a touch of gold sparkle and hues of pink. Move it toward light or change the angle, and it becomes gold to chartreuse, the black base setting off the vivid highlight while still retaining its Victorian-era depth.)*

(Pyromantic Erotica is a vivid orange with an obvious chartreuse highlight. As it gets closer to light, the shadow changes to a brighter, gleaming orange.)*

(Sequined Master is a gleaming, sparkling silvery grape-purple. Brought closer to light and it shows off it's true nature of bright lush purple, almost reaching to fuschia.)*

(This shade is a complex deep reddish hue that varies between molten cool crimson and a firey phoenix-red, all laced with gold sparkle and glimmer. Bring it closer to light or change the angle, and it turns to a metallic glittering gold with subtle "underhues" of copper.)*

(Rich burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson, depending on proximity to light or angle.)*

This shade is not listed on the Fyrinnae website at this time :(

(Electric Stardust is a light, shimmery, sheer mint green. Brought closer to light, it changes to a lighter aqua then to a pale silvery blue. This shade's changes are subtle compared to most other Arcanes.)*

(It starts out a vibrant, gleaming emerald green. Closer to light or at an angle this shade takes on a striking deep pink color, almost a maroon.)*

(Glitterboi is a deep blend of midnight blue, violet, and a hint of pink sparkle, and as the angle changes or light-distance decreases, changes to a light, gleaming grape, then to vibrant metallic pink.)*
This color is SO complex and gorgeous, my pictures do NOT do it justice!

(Violet base with an aqua shimmer that changes to a bright pink when closer to light.)*
Probably one of my favorites! I tried SO hard to get a picture of the pink shift, I even resorted to the kitchen lighting for the swatch on the right - very hard to see in the photo, much more vibrant and beautiful in person!

I cannot stress to you all enough that you NEED to see all of the Fyrinnae eyeshadows in person! There really is nothing like them and in pictures it is hard to tell just how lovely they really are :)
I came across this image while searching google and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel:

(I did not create this image and take no credit for it)

So, until I place my next order - this concludes my swatches on my little Fyrinnae collection <3

*If you would like to see swatches from my first post or read more about Fyrinnae, click here. :)

FTC:  These items were paid for by myself/by my boyfriend, I am not being compensated to write this post, these are my honest opinions on the products and company, descriptions of each eyeshadow were copied directly from the Fyrinnae website and are followed by a link to the product, all photos were taken by me.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your swatches!!! I'm totes addicted to the goods now!! And you're right, I need all teh Fyrinnae!! I'm going to have to find a new stash spot! lol

  2. Steampunk is gorgeous!! all of them really!!! and Lorem Ipsum, wow!! and OMG Anemone, soooo pretty but I can't find it on the website. :/ I adore the shimmer in that one, I want Anemone, lol! what great swatches you did! :)

    1. Thank you! :) I really think Anemone has become one of my favorites! I'm not sure why it isn't available to purchase any longer :/ I'm thinking it may have been an older color &I just got really lucky?
      Crossing my fingers they bring it back again :)